Custom Mind

GardelGabriele Gardel was born in 1977, lives in Lugano and is a professional race car driver.

Called “The racer”, Gardel was the FIA GT1 World Champion on Ferrari Maranello in 2005, International GT1 Champion LMS on Aston Martin GT1 in 2006, 24h Le Mans Winner with Saleen GT1 in 2010 and 2011 with Corvette racing GT2, ILMC Champion with Corvette GT2 in 2012…
Now is developing and racing on the new Jaguar GT3 by Emil Frey Racing.

Gabriele has a genuine passion in all mechanic works and he learned how to design all pieces in CAD 3D to create unique bikes and cars.
He likes to spend hours and hours to build and test his creatures and normally those are dedicated to special racing memories or tribute to a particular historical winning.

G-custom is becoming a new trend for those who likes to have a really unique loud-pipes!